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New User Registration

The Viewing Program’s Artist Registry is free of charge and open to the public. It’s easy to join! Just click on “Create Account” at the top of the page and fill out the blank fields. In order to register, you MUST have an active email address, since your email is also your user name. Once you have created an account you can do the following: browse through all of the Viewing Program artists’ Portfolios, email an artist whose work you’re interested in, organize artist Portfolios and artworks into Lightboxes, and email links to artist Portfolios and your Lightboxes to friends. If you are an artist and wish to apply to the Viewing Program, you must become a registered user first. Please read the Submissions Guidelines.

Account Information

When you log in to your account you will automatically be taken to your User Account page. On this page you can change your email address and/or your password at any time. Click on the “Update Account” button to save your changes.

Artist Portfolios

The Drawing Center’s curated Artist Registry features the portfolios of artists who have been accepted into the Viewing Program. The Artist Portfolio page includes 10–15 images of artwork, caption information, artist statement, bio/CV, and a website link, if provided. Only registered users can contact an artist by email, share a Portfolio with a friend by emailing them a link, and create Lightboxes to save portfolios and artworks. At the bottom of the Portfolio page is a list of keywords the artist chose to describe his or her work. If you click on a keyword, a search results page will appear that shows other artists who have chosen that term as well.


To browse all the artists in the Registry, simply press the “Go” button at the top of the page. To search for a specific artist or type of work, you can either select a term from the drop-down-menu categories (“medium,” “keyword,” and/or “artist location”) and then click the “Go” button or write in your own keyword in the Name or Keyword Search field and click “Go.” The results will display on a new page and show you the artist Portfolios that fit your criteria. The Name or Keyword Search will look through all text fields including “artist name,” “bio/CV,” “statement,” and “captions.” To refine your search, click the “Advanced Search” button on the right.

Advanced Search

An Advanced Search can help you look for multiple terms both within a single drop-down-menu category and across categories. Whereas in the Search toolbar, you can only select one term in each drop-down-menu category at a time, you are able to choose as many as you would like using Advanced Search. Choosing multiple terms within one category will yield search results that are relatively broad: if you choose “narrative” and “surreal” from the “medium” category, the search results will yield all narrative works, all surreal works, and all narrative, surreal works, regardless of “medium” or “artist location.” Choosing multiple terms across categories, however, will usually serve to narrow a search: if you choose “narrative,” “surreal,” and “Vermont,” then the search results will yield narrative works, surreal works, and narrative, surreal works ONLY by artists based in the state of Vermont.

Search Results

On the Search Results page, you will see thumbnail images of the works that fit your search with the names of the artists who created them. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the corresponding artist’s Portfolio page, which contains 10–15 images of artwork, an artist statement, and a bio/CV.  You can sort your search results by relevance, artist’s last name, or by date last updated using the Sort menu near the upper right corner. You can also add an artist to your Lightbox from the Search Results page by checking the box labeled “Select This Portfolio,” choosing your Lightbox from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, and clicking “Move.”

My Lightboxes

This function allows you to organize and save specific artworks as well as entire artists’ portfolios into multiple Lightboxes for review later. In order to use this feature you must be logged in as a registered user. Every user begins with an automatic My Default Lightbox so you can save artworks and portfolios immediately. On the My Lightboxes page, you can create an unlimited number of new Lightboxes, as well as edit your existing ones (“delete,” “rename,” “remove selected items”), email a Lightbox to someone else (“share”), or print them out for your records. To save a portfolio from the Search Results page, select the portfolio and choose one of your Lightboxes from the drop-down menu. On the Portfolio page, you can either save the entire portfolio (“Add Portfolio to Lightbox”) or an individual artwork (“Add this Artwork to Lightbox”).

Contacting Artists

If you would like to contact an artist, click “Email this Artist” on the Artist Portfolio page in the upper right corner. Although this email will be created by the website, your user email address will appear to the artist as the sender. A small notice will be included in the email to let the artist know that your message was created through The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program website. Please contact if this email is returned to you, or if you have any difficulty contacting an artist.

Manage Portfolio

Artists who want to apply to the Viewing Program can do so by creating a portfolio using the Manage Portfolio page. Artists who have been accepted to the Viewing Program can update their portfolio on this page as well. Before creating an Artist Portfolio page, please read through the Submissions Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions. The top section of the Manage Portfolio page will allow you to upload images and caption information. Be sure to click the “Save Image Info” button after uploading each image and caption. The section below will allow you to submit your contact information, artist statement, and bio/CV. Save this information by clicking the “Save Portfolio Info” button. At the bottom of the Manage Portfolio page is a Portfolio Status section that shows you what information is still required to complete your portfolio. Once all the status messages are green and you see the “Your Portfolio Is Ready to Submit” message, you can click the “Submit Portfolio” button to finalize the submission process. Once your portfolio has been submitted, you will not be allowed to make any further changes to it. We urge you to preview your portfolio carefully for errors before clicking “Submit Portfolio.”

Other Problems

If you need help with issues that are not addressed here, please send an email to